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Tax Laws for 2009-2010

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College Funder™

Use the College Funder™ calculator below to determine how much you need to start saving now for your child's education when he/she is ready to attend.

Current age of individual (ages 0 - 30):   
Age individual will start college (ages 16 - 30):   
Years individual will be attending college (2 - 8 years):   
Current annual cost of college individual will be attending ($0 - $250,000):   
Annual increase in college costs (1 - 10; avg inflation rate = 5%):  
Amount already set aside ($0 - $999,999):  
Current pre-tax rate of return on amount already set aside (0 - 50):     
We will assume that you would continue to earn this rate on any future funds.  

Marginal tax bracket (0 - 50):  
Existing and new savings will be subject to this rate. Any vehicle we recommend will defer these taxes!