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Financial Planning for Economic Security

Economic Security is basically a state of mind or sense of well being whereby an individual is relatively certain that he/she can satisfy basic needs and wants, both present and future. The lack of this sense of well being or state of mind brings about economic insecurity. Some of the primary causes of economic insecurity are Retirement, Health and Mortality (1).

Economic insecurity regarding retirement include concerns regarding: Some health concerns causing insecurity include concerns about: Economic Insecurity is also a result of mortality issues such as worries about:

Other security issues may be caused by concern over being prepared for other life events such as saving for your child's college education. is a website created for the sole purpose of helping you address these economic insecurities of life and finding the financial products to help you become economically secure. will help you achieve economic security by:
(1) Economic Security in an Aging Population, Robert L. Brown

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