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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

How much life insurance is enough to care for your loved ones? This calculator will help you determine the amount of life insurance you need to ensure that your famiy would be able to maintain their current lifestyle if you were no longer around.

The cost and availability of life insurance depends on factors such as age, health, and the type and amount of insurance.

Life Insurance Needs Analyzer
Spouse's current age:
Desired years of survivor income (1 - 50):
Current combined (yours & your spouse's) gross annual income ($1 - $9,999,999):
Percentage of combined income desired to provide survivors (50 - 100):
Inflation guard on survivor income needs (0 - 10):
Debts and final expenses ($0 - $9,999,999):
Funds needed for total future education costs ($0 - $999,999):
Available assets and existing insurance ($0 - $9,999,999):
Spouse's gross annual income before taxes providing he/she continues or begins to work in the event of your death ($0 - $9,999,999):
Investment return on insurance proceeds (0 - 12):

Please review and make sure all fields have been filled in before continuing.